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We believe patients deserve access to real time mental health care

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About Emerald Psychiatry & TMS Center:

At Emerald Psychiatry we believe patients deserve access to real time mental health care! We treat pateints 13 years of age and older with mental health needs related to anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, and more. 

Over the past five years, we have provided quality mental health care to Ohio, and we are the #1 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) provider.

TMS is a treatment for Major Depressive Disorder in adults who have shown resistance to antidepressant medication.

  • 36% of TMS patients experience remission from depression*
  • 70% of TMS patients see improvements in their symptoms*
  • TMS is FDA approved and covered by insurance

Serving Ohio with the convenience of online appointments and a growing network of locations.

Join our team as Emerald Psychiatry becomes the fastest growing mental health provider in Ohio!

We Make Hope Happen:

The Emerald paper bird reminds us of hope. It helps us remember that everyone must make their own hope happen. Fold after fold, and crease after crease, we persevere through the challenges of life.

Emerald Psychiatry & TMS Center can help.  There are some concerning trends in psychiatric practice today.  Many patients have become accustomed to providers who rush through verbal exchanges and define treatment plans that solely focus on prescribing medications.  Too many patients are not getting the mental health care they need.

At Emerald Psychiatry, we are doing things a little differently.  We envision a future where people with mental health challenges always have hope – the hope of becoming the very best version of themselves.  Our mission is to support and guide you through your journey.

Our Emerald team is ready to hear your story, understand your challenges and together create a strong therapeutic relationship in order to address your particular needs.  We offer care and compassion that is parallel to our level of medical expertise.  Our providers will be open and honest in addressing your questions and concerns.  We will partner together to create a comprehensive, customized treatment plan. Our success is based on the positive outcomes in your life.

Becoming the very best version of YOU starts with hope. Reach out and MAKE HOPE HAPPEN!

Dr. Scott Yoho  — Emerald Psychiatry & TMS Center.

Vision, Mission & Values

We envision a future where patients with mental health challenges always have hope.

Our mission is to support our patients as they become the very best version of themselves. We partner with our patients to create a comprehensive treatment plan, customized to their individual needs.

We believe in doing what is best for our patients, not just taking the easiest or fastest path. Our treatment plans are designed around evidence-based medical practices that are well supported by clinical research and scientific data.

We believe in bringing compassionate and caring to our patient community. We make the extra effort to get to know you as an individual while forming a therapeutic relationship. This relationship builds a foundation from which we can identify your challenges and work together toward uncovering the best version of You.

Our purpose is to partner with patients to make hope happen.

Professional, Compassionate & Experienced Care.

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