is tms right for me?

FDA Approved, Non-Drug, Effective & Safe. A New Treatment Option For Depression.


36% of patients experience remission from depression

70% of patients see improvements in their symptoms


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

TMS is a proven and highly successful treatment for Major Depressive Disorder in adults who have failed to receive satisfactory improvements from prior antidepressant medications. 36% of patients experience remission from depression and 70% of patients see improvement in their symptoms. TMS utilizes a noninvasive magnetic field, similar to that of an MRI, to stimulate the natural function of the brain.

Is TMS therapy right for me?


Have you tried 2 or more antidepressants, along with psychotherapy, and failed to reach remission of your depressive symptoms?


Note: Side effects or intolerability to your antidepressant medications count as failed attempts.


Good News! You could be a candidate for TMS treatment.

While the American Psychiatric Association has stated that they would consider using TMS therapy after one failed trial of a first line antidepressant medication, most insurance companies require 2 or more failed trials of antidepressant medications prior to authorizing TMS therapy.

If there is a question as to whether TMS would be appropriate for you, we recommend scheduling an evaluation for TMS therapy to consider the options available to you. Feel free to contact us at 614-580-6917 to speak with our TMS coordinator.

Clinic studies show that the response rate to TMS therapy exceeds that of medication-based treatments. These studies were on patients who had not responded to multiple trials of antidepressant medications and psychotherapy.


The evidence for the clinical efficacy of TMS in the treatment of depression is considerable, spanning more than 30 controlled clinical research studies, including NIMH sponsored studies.


Easily tolerated. The most common side effect is mild scalp pain or discomfort.


No anesthesia or adverse effects on memory. No change in daily activities.


Adopted by insurers covering 216 million US lives including UBH, Aetna, Medical Mutual, Anthem, Medicare, and many others. Medicaid does not cover TMS therapy at this time. It is also possible to self-pay.


Is TMS Effective?

TMS therapy has a proven record of success. 36% of TMS patients experience remission from depression and 70% see improvements in their symptoms.


Is TMS Therapy Safe?

Studies show that NeuroStar TMS therapy is safe for treating patients who have experienced inadequate results from antidepressants.


Does Insurance Cover TMS?

TMS therapy, as well as our other behavioral health services, are covered by most major insurance carriers. Call for more information.

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