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Being Alone vs Being Lonely

Being Alone vs Being Lonely

In everyday conversation, the terms lonely and alone are often seen as interchangeable terms. But these two terms actually mean something different in regards to behavioral health. For good physical and mental health, it is important to understand...

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Emerald’s Response to “Responsible Restart Ohio” Protocols

Please note that as of April 28th, ALL PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION MANAGEMENT APPOINTMENTS AND THERAPY/COUNSELING APPOINTMENTS WILL CONTINUE TO BE DONE VIA TELEPSYCHIATRY WITH THE EXCEPTION OF TMS TREATMENTS, WHICH WILL CONTINUE TO BE DONE IN OUR OFFICE. Although some types of medical encounters/procedures will be “restarting” in the coming weeks, it has been made clear that any work that can be done remotely, should continue to be done remotely. Our patients have reported overwhelmingly positive responses to our telepsychiatry services. We will continue to practice recommended social/physical distancing at this time through telepsychiatry appointments, other than TMS treatments. Emerald will continue to monitor any changes in recommendations from the state of Ohio and will update this section as necessary.