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Everyone was very helpful and polite. They were understanding. Something I am extremely thankful for, particularly considering that many offices in the area are booking months out.

- Tiffany R.

Long time client – Came here for the TMS, which was amazing. Have always had great experiences with every provider.

- Sharon D.

“Everyone is very nice, I really like my NP! I like that it’s always virtual and never in person!”

- Joey W.

It was good courtesy. I did not think it would be really possible over the phone virtual but it was I was amazed. They go through everything in your past and present. How you feel what you’ve been through. Just a lot of questions and then they get you what you need. And hope it works.

- Jerry B.

“I was very impressed with Dr. Yoho when I met him.  He truly cared.  The staff has been nothing but amazing – always friendly and knew who I was.”

- Karla K.

“Having 25+ years experience with various other offices, Dr. Yoho and his team by far exceed the rest.  They knew my name after just the second visit and did not rush me or shut me out behind glass windows.  I am impressed with each and every one of the team members who work in Dr. Yoho’s office.  Thank you for being so understanding and supportive.  Thank you for caring enough to want to improve the quality of my life.”  

- Elizabeth P.

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Yoho and his entire staff.  They were all so caring, thoughtful, and compassionate.  They treated me with respect and genuinely cared about my well-being.  They are very kind people.” 

- Jeff S.

“Having had a lot of psychiatrists over the last 35 years, prior to my first visit to Emerald Psychiatry, I promised myself that on my first visit if I didn’t like Dr. Yoho that I would just walk out and go find someone else.  I was so depressed that I didn’t have time to fool around with a doctor that didn’t care.  Dr. Yoho is by far one of the best doctors that I’ve met.  He listened to my issues and we discussed the options.  Additionally, Dr. Yoho’s staff is top notch.  The entire office is so kind and caring.  Emerald Psychiatry was just the haven that I needed to get better.” 

- Adrienne G.

“Dr. Yoho and staff have my full love and support.  I have never felt unimportant or like a patient.  I never feel a burden.  Staff remember the details and are so friendly.  Most important, Dr. Yoho listens and doesn’t try and assume he knows more about my body and mind than I do, just because he is a doctor.”

- Josh V.

“Dr. Yoho and his staff are exceptional.  They are extremely professional, personable, efficient, caring, and as accommodating as possible.  Dr. Yoho is thorough, listens well, and is a competent physician.  He uniquely adds accountability for a patient’s own responsibility in the process to desired health.  Therefore, I highly recommend Dr. Yoho and his office without hesitation.”

- Marsha S.

The whole office was just great – caring and understanding.  Dr. Yoho has a staff that supports his vision in caring for others with TMS and other things.  Great team!

- Traci A.

“Dr. Yoho and his team are wonderful.  All are friendly and very responsive.  They make the process easy and try to work around your schedule.” 

- L. K.

“Dr. Yoho and the staff are all wonderful.  It is quite evident that they care.  I always feel welcome coming into the office.”

- Stephanie B.

“Dr. Yoho and the staff were fantastic.  Everyone was caring, showed concern, listened, and I believe truly cared.  Everyone became a family to me.” 

- Michelle F.

“I could not possibly begin to show my gratitude to the staff.  Everyone was professional, caring, and it truly felt as if they cared about my personal story.  I am sure at times as a professional in the mental health field, it can feel difficult to continually show compassion, but the staff at Emerald Psychiatry do just that.” 

- Paul B.

“Dr. Yoho and his team are truly exceptional.  The intimacy of the clinic and high level of personable care is what sets Emerald Psychiatry apart from any other care options in Central Ohio.”

- John P.