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Social media posts and news feeds sometimes carry stories of celebrity’s mental health struggles. In reading these stories, people can find hope and relate with their own mental health issues.

From Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish to Dwayne Johnson and Ben Affleck; all of these celebrities have shared their struggles with mental illness. These conditions range from addiction to depression. In fact, by sharing their stories, society can realize that anyone can experience behavioral health conditions. Having fame and money does not guarantee good overall mental health and happiness. Everyone in society is susceptible to this type of illness.

Many people were already familiar with famous cultural icons like Ernest Hemingway and Kurt Cobain who both struggled with severe cases of depression. But the struggles of modern-day celebrities can help to remind people that they are not alone in confronting their illness.

Our ever-connected, digital world allows individuals to connect in ways that was not possible in the past. This increased connectivity does seem to create negative effects. Some research has shown that viewing excessive amounts of social media can help to generate negative attitudes and behaviors surrounding food. Other studies suggest that social media can carry other dangers such as toxic language and hostility. Over time, this exposure can lead to negative feelings like anxiety and depression.

Yet, behind these negative elements, the modern digital world can provide people with a sense of belonging. A place to share their experiences and thoughts.

Modern celebrities are using news and social media to open up and share their mental health concerns. These acts alone help to breakdown any lingering mental health stigma that may be resistant to seeking treatment. Celebrities may seem larger than life, but they have the same problems that other members of society experience.

The actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has openly shared has mental health experiences. He has openly shared his struggles with depression and his mother’s attempted suicide. Johnson points out that illness like depression do not discriminate. But for men, the condition is particularly challenging due to the fact that they may feel too scared, vulnerable or ashamed to talk about it.

The actor Ben Affleck shares similar sentiments when he discussed his behavioral health challenges. Affleck states that people may try to mask the pain through food, alcohol, sex or gambling. However, self-medicating does not work, and the pain is still there. To compound matters, these choices can end up making a person’s life worse. It becomes a vicious cycle that it hard to break.

Other celebrities have shared similar stories of struggle. Back in 2012 Demi Lovato has shared her own battles with addiction, eating disorders and self-harming behaviors. Since this time, there is now more of an acceptance for public figures and celebrities to talk about mental health.

The singer Taylor Swift has openly shared her own mental health struggles. Swift’s openness about her problems gives her fans hope and sends a message that they are not alone. She is telling millions of impressionable fans that it is okay to share and seek treatment for mental illness.

Johnson and Swift both display to people that celebrities are just like everyone else. Mental illness does not discriminate based on fame or financial resources. Other stars have also shared their experiences with mental health conditions. Over the years, celebrities like Chris Evans, Sophie Turner and Prince Harry have shared their personal battles with mental illness.

Over time, this open discussion and sharing is a positive trend for society. These influential narratives can help people open-up and disclose their personal experiences with their illness and treatment. By revealing their mental health challenges, they can inspire other people to endure and seek help. In the end, these actions can provide strength for everyone.

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