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A TMS Experience

I am currently 44 years old and have suffered from depression since elementary school.  I spent the majority of my older kids’ early childhood in bed, in the dark.  Through past attempts to feel joy and experience life, I have been on several different meds.  Some didn’t work at all.  Some had very unpleasant side effects.  Some made me feel better initially, then the dose had to be increased.  Repeat.

I decided to give TMS treatment a try because what did I have to lose?  I was in a dark, dark place during my initial visit with Dr. Yoho.  All I wanted to do was sleep.  However, my three children and associated parental obligations prevented me from indulging my depression in this manner.  Every day was a struggle.  My depression manifested in fatigue, anger, irritability, moodiness, you name it.  Ultimately, I decided to visit Emerald Psychiatry because my depression was becoming highly detrimental to my family.

Initially, I was concerned about side effects.  Could TMS cause permanent brain damage?  Could TMS change my personality?  Could TMS render me a vegetable?  Is the risk worth the reward?  Prior to beginning treatment, I researched TMS via NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) and PubMed.  The research, which indicated little to no side effects and a high percentage of positive outcomes, validated my decision to move forward.

TMS therapy did not bother me at all.  I would just close my eyes and picture each little pulse to be a beam of light/happiness absorbing into my brain.  Somewhere around the 4th week of therapy, I began to notice that I was feeling better.  I had no desire to lay in bed; I was not quick to anger.  I enjoyed interacting with my kids and husband, and I became much more patient with people and situations in general.  Any thoughts of not wanting to exist had completely disappeared.  It seemed like I had become “excited about life” for the first time in memory.

I would absolutely recommend TMS to relatives or friends experiencing depression to the degree that I was.  I feel so much better.  I have my life back, I can experience joy.  I am a better mom and wife and friend (I’m in the process of organizing a girls’ trip, which I never would have done).

-Stephanie B.

“On a good day, I was doing ‘ok.’  Most of the time, I was struggling to get through each day (despite having tried many antidepressants and therapy).  Now, I feel amazing – like the best version of myself.  Life isn’t a constant struggle these days.  This has been life-changing.  I have only good things to say, and the people who know me can see the difference for themselves.”

- Amy P.

“I had been struggling with depression and anxiety for 8 years. I had tried different medications throughout the years. I happened to hear Dr. Yoho do a presentation about TMS and I wanted to try an additional avenue for my mental health. After finishing treatment, I feel so incredibly different! I feel like I am back to who I was prior to having depression that occurred 8 years ago. TMS has done wonders to improve the outcome of my mental health. I had lost hope and felt I would never overcome the depression that I had been living with for 8 years. Because of the combination of TMS and medicine, I can say that I have absolutely no symptoms of depression. I feel like I am back to being Amanda.”

- Amanda P.

“I was depressed and often suicidal. I had tried almost every anti-depressant on the market and had been going to see a therapist weekly for over 2 years and nothing seemed to be helping. I felt stuck and was willing to try anything to get better. I feel so much better. I am more optimistic, more resilient, and a lot happier in general. I feel like I am better able to handle the stress of daily life and I feel like I am making progress in moving on from past traumas. I am so glad I found TMS and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who was struggling like I was”

- Chelsea A., IT recruiter

“I had battled anxiety and depression since I was a teenager.  Both were exacerbated following the birth of each of my children.  I was severely depressed and had lost all desire and motivation to do things that once brought joy to my life.   Every task, each day felt like nearly impossible to achieve.  Getting out of bed was difficult.  I wanted to avoid all life.  After completing therapy, I’ve seen a true improvement in my severity of depression.  I’ve started doing things I used to love doing again.  I’ve found happiness again.” 

- J. B., Registered Nurse

“I have dealt with depression for almost 25 years.  I have been on multiple medications but my depression seemed to return periodically.  Between periods of significant depression, I still felt a heavy cloud and general unhappiness.  This past year my meds seemed to stop working.  It has been a year of trying medication after medication, with horrific side effects.  TMS was a last resort option in my mind.  A “why not?” option.  I knew I would not hurt myself and yet I hoped for death because of my depression.  The first thing I noticed was a slight increase in energy.  After week 5 or 6, the dread I had constantly seemed to go away.  The severe anxiety improved greatly as well.   I am able to work more thoughtfully on my cognitive distortions. Most importantly, I no longer wanted to die and my hopelessness went away.”

- Angie T.

“I feel  AMAZING.  I can’t believe this was all I needed to feel better.  I’m not sure exactly where it was in the process, I just remember waking up and realizing I felt better, like the fog was lifted away and I could see the sunshine.  I was in such a very dark place at the beginning of the sessions; I honestly didn’t believe there was a way out.  I was so afraid that my life was going to be like this for the remainder of my time on earth.  I had prayed for something to make me whole again and TMS was the answer to those prayers.” 

- Bonnie Mitchell-Cantrell, operations manager

“Before starting TMS, I felt hopeless.  I did not know if I could go on living.  Every day I woke up, I could not wait for the day to end.  Medications were not working and I knew I needed to seek other methods to treat my depression.  Alone in thought, my mind used to go to a dark place.  Everything was negative.  Now there are no more thoughts of doom and gloom.  I try to find the positive.  I am ready to move on.  I want to pursue happiness, become more active, be social, and do things I used to enjoy.  Now I feel hopeful.”

- C. D., nurse

“It’s interesting to think about how dark of a place I was before this treatment.  I felt I had no self-worth, not even caring about anything.  There were many times I was using the motto “fake it to make it.”  Life has changed so much for the better.  I’ve noticed I’m visiting and staying with family more.  I’ve noticed I’m not wanting to stay in bed anymore.  I do feel I have self-worth now.  My family would tell you — they are glad that their wife, mother, grandma is getting better.  I’m enjoying going places and being outside again.”

- Traci A., retired

“Before starting TMS, I felt terrible. I felt suicidal and that life wasn’t worth living, and there was little hope. I was depressed the majority of the time that I was awake. I wanted to sleep all day so that I didn’t have to be awake. I didn’t find any pleasure in my hobbies and family or friends. After completing the full course of treatment, I feel like I haven’t felt in over 20 years. I’ve had multiple good days in a row. I get pleasure in life again. I would recommend TMS if you have tried all the other treatments like I had. It’s not invasive at all, and it is the most successful thing I have tried in my treatment for my depression.”

- Adam W.

“I have suffered with depression since I was 18 years old.  I have been hospitalized numerous times, been on more medications that I can count.  I have struggled to appear normal and get through the day for many years.  I have never felt this great.  I look at it as a miracle.  This treatment has given me life!  I can say unequivocally, without this treatment I would not be here today.”

- Michelle F.

“I felt disconnected and flat, even from my children. I felt overwhelmed and hopeless. By the end of TMS, I began waking up in the morning at the same time without an alarm. I began enjoying my child and could laugh at the trials and tribulations of having a feisty 2-year-old. I began singing along with kid songs and dancing with the kids. My memory improved. I started painting again. I am aware of my thoughts and am in control of them. I am calmer and more logical. The physical pain and restlessness is gone. It is a miracle.”

- Lisa H., teacher/homemaker

“I was very sad.  I had no desire to do anything.  I felt hopeless.  My situation was getting worse, but I had exhausted all other treatments.  My psychiatrist told me that TMS was a good alternative when all else had failed.  [Having completed the full course of treatment,] I feel so much better!  I do not feel as hopeless.  I am enjoying things more.  I noticed the change just about week 4.”

- S. R.

“I have suffered from depression since elementary school.  I spent the majority of my older kids’ early childhood in bed, in the dark.  I decided to give TMS a try because, what did I have to lose?  Somewhere around the 4th week of therapy, I began to notice that I was feeling better.  I had no desire to lay in bed, I was not quick to anger.  I enjoyed interacting with my kids and husband, and I became much more patient with people and situations in general.  It seemed like I had become excited about life for the first time in memory.”

- Stephanie B., psychologist

“Prior to beginning my TMS treatment, I felt emotionally vulnerable to everything happening in my life. I had recently completed PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) and gained some leverage over my depression, yet my footing was unsteady. It was during PHP that TMS was identified as an appropriate treatment given my history and limited impact of a series of meds. After completing my TMS treatment I now feel that I’ve gained a great deal of emotional resiliency. Negative events in my life no longer send me into a tailspin. Over the course of treatment, I noticed my mood hitting new highs, I began to think more clearly, and motivation to be more active and engaged in my life grew.”

- John P.

“Before TMS, I felt extremely depressed, hopeless, and suicidal at times. I had tried many medications and combinations during a period of over 20 years with no lasting results. Now I feel more like myself again and others say they notice a big difference. I had a dip in mood during the fourth week, but had significant improvements after that. TMS helped me feel better than I have in years and gave me hope that I could enjoy life again. I definitely recommend it for others who have been diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression.”

- Alexis T.

“I was hopeful before starting TMS because I felt like I had tried everything.  After 3 inpatient stays I felt hopeless and like nothing was working for me.  At this point I was willing to try anything.  I feel now that I have hope for the future.  At about the third week, I noticed that I was able to handle my day-to-day activities better and no longer felt like I had to be loyal to my suffering.  I would absolutely recommend TMS to others.  If they are at a point in their life where they feel like nothing is helping, then the 6-week commitment will not be a concern because you are willing to do anything to get better.”

- Nicole B.

“I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me. It was a gradual process for me. I didn’t notice anything for a while, then as the treatments tapered down, I noticed I felt better. I was able to cope with emotional stressors with a feeling of strength. I felt more able to utilize the tools I had been given in counseling. I entered in this treatment with such hope, and after over 30 years of depression, I am at peace with former stressors. I will always have stress in my life (who doesn’t!) but now I can process stressors with a clear head.”

- Teri S.

“Before starting TMS, I was crying much of every day. I was severely depressed and feeling hopeless. I sought out this treatment because I had tried different medications for nearly a year with no success. Now I feel more emotionally stable. I also just feel stronger with more a will to live. I am functioning at a higher level. Over the 36 sessions, I felt my mood start to get brighter. I smiled and laughed again. I think TMS works. I feel a lot better now that when I started. I would recommend TMS to those that conventional treatments aren’t working for.”

- S. S.