Becoming the very best version of you starts with hope.

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About Our Practice

At Emerald Psychiatry & TMS Center, we partner with our patients in order to help them work through their mental health challenges. From depression treatment to substance abuse therapy, our experienced and compassionate staff can help. We help patients become the best version of themselves, creating a positive, ripple effect that spreads out to all corners of their life.

This is how we make hope happen.

You are not alone.

Are you struggling with depression or other mental health challenges?

Emerald Psychiatry & TMS Center can help.

“I feel like I haven’t felt in over 20 years. I’ve had multiple good days in a row. I get pleasure in life again. I would recommend TMS if you have tried all the other treatments like I had. It’s not invasive at all, and it is the most successful thing I have tried in my treatment for my depression.”

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Give us a call at 614-580-6917 for more information. Our facility is located in Dublin, Ohio with easy access from Interstate 270, U.S. Route 33 and State Route 161.