Teens aged 13-17 are severely underserved in the community –

we are here to help!

Treating Teenagers Mental Health

The teen mental health journey can be overwhelming for many. Our providers and staff are here to support patients every step of the way.

At Emerald Psychiatry & TMS Center our compassionate providers are trained to work with teenagers to find an individualized, safe, and effective plan for them.

We offer the convenience of online appointments to see patients where and when they need us.


We Treat Mental Health Needs Related to:


Mood swings

Crying spells


Loss of interest

Lack of focus


How We Can Help:

New Patient Appointment:

If you struggle with any mental health symptoms and want to explore medication alongside therapy as a solution,  we have a team of specialized providers to help.


Why Addressing Teen Mental Health is Important:

  • 50% of mental health issues emerge by the time we are 14 years old.
  • A CDC study revealed that 25% of teen boys and 57% of teen girls are persistently sad and hopeless.
  • The teenager group, ages 13-17, is severely underserved in the mental health community. Emerald Psychiatry believes everyone deserves access to mental health care and is here to help teenagers in need – call us today! 


How to Get Started:

  • Call us at 614-580-6917 option 1 to schedule your new patient appointment.
  • Make sure you have a legal guardian with you for the call.
  • Set up your patient portal and complete the required forms prior to your first online appointment.
  • Attend the online appointment with your legal guardian present.
  • Start feeling better!

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Better Mental Health is Our Mission
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