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Well-organized and experienced counseling can greatly benefit people who are struggling with feelings like grief, anger or guilt. Good counseling is beneficial both on the mental as well as the physical level.

A trained and licensed behavioral specialist can help to guide people down a path of healing. Good counseling provides helpful insights and allows individuals to see themselves from another perspective while gaining some degree of self-awareness.

Beyond the Rich and Famous:

News feeds and social media post display stories of famous people and their struggles with mental health and addiction issues. Some people may view these stories as curious side topics to the day’s news. But, individuals should also realize that even the rich and famous need the benefit of good behavioral health care from time to time.

The prevalence of these stories show that everyone is susceptible to experiencing mental health issues. For example, depression is one of the more common conditions that is treatable. There are numerous well-established treatment options that can help.

Mental health issues are more common than some people care to admit. 1 in 5 adults in the United States experiences a mental illness each year. Additional statistics on the annual occurrence of mental health issues include:

  • Impacts 20% of all U.S. adults.
  • 1 in 6 children and teenagers (age 6-17) experience a mental health disorder.
  • Most mental illnesses (75%) occurs by the age of 24.

Letting Go:

Well-designed therapy sessions from an experienced mental health professional is a liberating experience. This is particularly helpful in today’s busy world where people can feel like they are pulled in too many directions at once. Some individuals may feel like their thoughts and emotions are bottled up inside their mind. These repressed feelings can negatively impact the body and create high levels of stress.

Low levels of stress are natural in people’s day-to-day activities. But, these excessively high levels of stress from repressed emotions are not healthy. Mental and physical health issues occur when these feelings are so overwhelming that they interfere with a person’s daily activities.

Whether people are experiencing persistent and unwelcomed thoughts or flashbacks that create anxiety attacks, professional counseling can help. A skilled therapist can provide coping strategies, reframing techniques and when necessary, appropriate medication.

Less Alone with Your Emotions:

Emotions have a powerful influence on a person’s actions. This influence extends to people’s thoughts and can cause them to avoid or engage in a variety of unhealthy situations. Sometimes, people may feel like they are unable to share their feelings and emotions.

The inability or reluctance includes people who are in their life such as friends, family and loved ones. A person may feel alone and disconnected from the people around her or him. When left untreated, this loneliness can sometimes develop into conditions like low-grade depression or encourage people to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs.

A good counselor can help people feel less alone with their thoughts and emotions. Individuals may feel that they are unable to share emotions with the people who are closest in their lives. However, a trained therapist allows individuals to express these feelings in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Thoughts and emotions that were once repressed out of anger or embarrassment can now be shared in a constructive manner.

Feeling alone with no one to turn to is not beneficial for a person’s mental health. It is challenging for people to have a healthy relationship with friends and family, if they have not yet learned how to have a healthy relationship with themselves.

Benefits to Your Mental & Physical Health:

In the long-run, counseling can help people improve how they see themselves and the world around them. By seeing their thoughts and feelings from a different perspective, people are usually able to improve their psychological wellbeing. When people feel mentally healthier, they will likely also feel physically healthier.

These improvements in health tend to link and reinforce each other. When individuals learn how to better manage anxiety and increase their self-confidence, they will likely sleep better at night. As people experience better and deeper sleep patterns, they will likely feel more energetic during the day. Improved energy levels will make it easier to find time to exercise. Regular exercise is one of the best methods for staying healthy physically and mentally.

The potential mental health benefits of professional counseling include:

  • Learning how to make better choices.
  • Better ability to understand and solve problems.
  • Creating positive behavioral changes.
  • Developing better communication skills.
  • Understanding the source of anxious feelings.

Insurance Coverage:

The fact that behavioral health therapies are now covered by many more employer health insurance plans makes it easier to pursue counseling. Of course, this becomes complex due to the fact that every person’s health care plan is a little different. For example, Medicare insurance provides coverage for outpatient mental health services. Details about this coverage is available through Medicare Part B.

For more detailed answers, individuals should contact their insurance plan’s customer service representatives. Otherwise, more well-organized psychiatry practices will be able to provide answers for most of their patient’s insurance questions.

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